Warmies Microwavable Slippers - Cream Boots





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No-one likes having cold feet, so banish those frozen tootsies with this awesome pair of Warmies microwaveable slippers. Whilst these function as a comfy and snuggly pair of slippers in their own right, these slippers actually have more than that to offer. They come with inners filled with millet seed and dried lavender and can be warmed up in the microwave. Not only does this mean that they are going to be extra warm, but they will also give off the delicious aroma of lavender. Suitable for UK sizes 3-7. These fluffy cream boots will fit most sizes and are going to make sure that your feet feel amazing. They come with fur inside and out as well as a bobble grip sole, and if they ever get grubby then you can sponge them down to get them clean. Perfect for a Christmas gift, for a stocking filler or perhaps as a treat for Mother’s Day, these slippers are a gift that some lucky feet will thank you for. Buy these Warmies boots today.